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Ronx is a pop-punk band coming from Bronx, NY. Created by Joshua Reguillo and Miguel Vasquez. Influenced by bands such as Neck Deep and Blink 182, they use energetic instrumentation, memorable melodies, and honest lyrics, to craft a similar sound in the genre, and this is shown very clearly on their first two EPs, titled “Welcome Home” and “I’ll Just Go.”


2018 was a big year for Ronx. They released two singles in the spring, and summer brought the release of the band’s debut full-length record, titled “Division St.” With it, the band aims to spread a positive message, letting listeners know that they are never alone in anything that they may be going through and that they can overcome any obstacles they face in their life. 2019 followed suit, as the band dropped two more singles, “On My Own” and “Roses,” two tracks that send hope and positivity through the lyrics, and show how much the band’s sound has matured and evolved since their formation. Ronx closed out 2020 with a holiday single entitled “Emo Christmas.”


In March of 2021 they released their debut EP, “Another Year & I’m Still Here” created with the intention to experiment with a new sound and new influences as you can hear on the tracks. 

Following this EP, Ronx released multiple singles such as "Mary Jane", "Drug In Me", "GOOD VIBES", and "RETROGRADE." Later on, they released a three-song RETROGRADE EP which includes - "RETROGRADE", "TISYCSO", and "EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED" to start the year 2022 off.

Ronx have many projects coming up this year and will be the busiest year yet. Stay in the loop and follow them on their social media platforms.




Ronx consists of:

Miguel Vasquez - Guitar/Vocals

Joshua Reguillo - Bass/Vocals

Alexy Perez - Guitar

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